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Stories credit him with joining Upper and Lower Egypt in a single monarchy.

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A century later, King Menes would subdue the north and unify the country, becoming the first king of the first dynasty.A meme is a virally-transmitted cultural symbol or social idea.

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United under King Menes. 2686 to 2181 B.C.E,. Included the 3rd to the 6th dynasties.

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Menes is also credited with the unification of Egypt, as the first pharaoh.Hieroglyphics, pyramids, mummies, the Sphinx of Giza, King Tut, and Cleopatra.

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The tomb of King Tutankhamun was found almost entirely intact in 1922.He lived around 3000 BC, and he was one of the great legendary figures of Egyptian history.

King Menes was the first Pharaoh to rule over both Upper and Lower Egypt.The history of Egyptian law is longer than that of any other civilization.Narmer was an ancient Egyptian king of the Early Dynastic Period.Hor Aha was most likely the son of Narmer and his queen Neithhotep.

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King Narmer (First Dynasty, c. 3150 BCE) reigned during the Early Dynastic Period.

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In Egyptian the meaning of the name Menes is: Name of a king.Some identify Narmer as Menes, whereas others identify his successor, King Aha, as Menes.

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Menes (c. 3150 BCE) is the legendary first king of Egypt who is thought to have united Upper and Lower Egypt through conquest and founded both.

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This first dynasty was the first of a series of dynasties that would go on to rule over Egypt for the next three millennia until it was conquered by Alexander the Great in 332 BCE.He was the first pharaoh who was able to wear the crowns of the two former kingdoms, the White Crown of the Upper Kingdom and the Red Crown of the Lower Kingdom.The Menes family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920.

However, there are many historical debates about the name for the unification king and the date in which he united Egypt.

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According to tradition, he seems to have united the southern and northern kingdoms and to have settled on a new capital, later known as Memphis.The city of Memphis was the royal residence and capital of Egypt during the Early Dynastic period and the Old Kingdom, and remained thereafter one of the most populous and renowned places of Egypt.Pennsylvania had the highest population of Menes families in 1840.

Laurence Austine Waddell Lieutenant Colonel L. A. Waddell (1854-1938), was an English antiquarian, scholar and explorer.I favor identifying Narmer as Menes, but the emerging academic consensus (promoted by Zahi Hawass) seems to favor Aha.

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It is Egyptian tradition that holds that the king that unified Egypt was named Menes.

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